Mahmud Rustamov

B. 1967, Baku

Lives and works in Baku

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Sculpture of the Azimzade Azerbaijan State Academy (1986), of the State University of the Arts (1992) and of the Creative Workshops at the USSR Arts Academy headed by Omar Eldarov (1998).

In 2000, Mahmud Rustamov became a holder of the “Sculptor of the Year” prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry for Youth and Sport of the Azerbaijan Republic.

His works can be found in private collections across Europe and at the State Museum of Art in Azerbaijan.

Mahmud is an acknowledged master, whose work was acquired in 2013 by a major collector during the London exhibition “At the Crossroads”, organized by the auction house Sotheby’s.

The sole participant in the “012 Baku Public Art Festival” project, inspired by the idea that the Maiden Tower is of extraterrestrial origin, which took the risk of setting up a golden sculptural figure of a visitor from another planet right in the center of the city... This is Mahmud Rustamov, artist, and the latest representative of a well-known artistic dynasty.

The sculptor's works are at the same time aggressive and beautiful, full of refined eroticism and self-mockery. Brittle marble, rounded, almost female forms, through which mysterious flowers made of black rubber, erupt. Some might see these dangerous flowers as more like the sharp claws of a hawk, tormenting the tender white marble flesh. Thorns and roses are inseparable. Cool restraint can be combined with unbridled sensuality. The essence of nature goes hand in hand with the triumph of genetic engineering – the sculptor's works are like that. Looking at them, we ask ourselves: “Who do we have here – creatures of flesh and blood or superb bio-robots?” The same feeling of duality and bipolarity arises when we view the works made from bronze... At the center of the exhibition is the skull of the dragon brought low by St George's hand... From a gaping wound, a bayonet from the time of the Civil War protrudes, a weapon that languished for many a year at the back of the extinct fireplace in Granddad’s old house.

Solo Exhibitions:


ECHO, Solo Exhibition, YAY Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan


First solo exhibition, Deutsch Centrum and Le Centre de Resources François place, supported by British Council, Baku, Azerbaijan



KUKNAR, Christmas tree, International Art Contest, Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

HOME SWEET HOME Contemporary art from Azerbaijani Cultural Center in Paris, France

AT THE CROSSROADS: Contemporary Art from the Caucasus and Central Asia, Sotheby's Gallery, London, UK

012 BAKU PUBLIC ART Festival, organized by YARAT Contemporary Art Space Baku, Azerbaijan

ART GANJA 2013. Contemporary Art Festival, Ganja, Azerbaijan


MADE BY RUSTAMOVS, exhibition jointly with Mahmud Rustamov devoted to 80th anniversary of father Aslan Rustamov, Baku, Azerbaijan  

ALUMINIUM 5. Biennale, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

COMMONIST. Contemporary art exhibition, organized by YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Baku, Azerbaijan


THEMES, exhibition together with Teymur Rustamov, Center Contemporary Art, Baku, Azerbaijan


ALUMINIUM 4, International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Baku, Azerbaijan


ART IS NOT ONLY UGLY, Atrium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin, Germany


5+ group exhibition Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

SEVEN COLOURS OF RAINBOW, exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan.

REALITIES OF DREAMS, Aluminium3, festival of contemporary art, Museum Center Art Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan


Opening of RUSTAMOVS FAMILY ART GALLERY, Baku, Azerbaijan


MAN & WOMEN exhibitions projects, with France Embassy in Azerbaijan, curator and participant, Museum Center Art Gallery, Baku, Azerbaijan


Youth exhibition. Moscow, Russia


Art Exhibition, S. Bakhlulzadeh Gallery. Baku, Azerbaijan


V.Samedova Gallery. Baku, Azerbaijan

Art exhibition. Khagani Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

PLASTICITY OF CONCRETE Contemporary sculpture competition, which was sponsored by English factory GARADAGH CEMENT in Azerbaijan and organized by Azerbaijan State Art Union – Prize premium.


WINGS OF TIME, Exhibition of Young Artists, Khagani Art Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

Group exhibition. Azerbaijan Government Museum of Art named Mustafayev. Baku, Azerbaijan


Exhibition, National Arts Museum of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan

Art in Action, International Festival, Oxford, UK


Art exhibition. Seven floor Gallery. Baku, Azerbaijan

National Arts Museum of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan


Group Exhibition V.Samedova Gallery. Baku, Azerbaijan


Azerbaijan Republic Palace. Baku, Azerbaijan


Baku Art Center, Azerbaijan



Group exhibition, Baku, Azerbaijan


Exhibition of Azerbaijani Artists, Gallery, Avinion, France


Art exhibition. V. Samedova Gallery. Baku, Azerbaijan


Group Exhibition Symposium of Stone. Baku, Azerbaijan


Art exhibition, V. Samedova Gallery. Baku, Azerbaijan


Group Exhibition at Bakhlul-Zade Gallery . Baku, Azerbaijan



Monument devoted to Khodjali tragedy, created jointly with Aslan and Teymur Rustamov, Goranboy region, Goranboy city, Azerbaijan

Monument-bust to Heydar Aliyev, created jointly with Aslan and Teymur Rustamov, National Aviation Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan


Memorial monument devoted to Mirza Shafi Vazeh and his student Fredrick Fon Bodenshtedt, created jointly with Aslan and Teymur Rustamov, Payne, Deutschland


Memorial to doctor M. Javad-zada, created jointly with Aslan and Teymur Rustamov, Baku, Azerbaijan 


Monument devoted to Khodjali tragedy, created jointly with Aslan and Teymur Rustamov, Baku, Azerbaijan


Monument to Heydar Aliyev, created jointly with Aslan and Teymur Rustamov, Heydar Aliyev park, Baku, Azerbaijan

Memorial to composer Vasif Adıgozalov, created jointly with Aslan and Teymur Rustamov, Baku, Azerbaijan 

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