Margret Eicher

Born Viersen, Germany, 1955

Live and works in Mannheim and Berlin.

Margret Eicher studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Dusseldorf (Prof. F. Schwegler; Prof. R. Sackenheim) from 1973 until 1979 and finished as Master Student.

Margret Eicher is a German conceptual artist specializing in tapestry. Margret is famous for her enormous tapestries, in which she combines baroque imagery with well-known and familiar images of our information society. The central motifs of her tapestries relate to current images of photojournalism and advertising from print and digital media. The icons of our modern information society are reproduced in a conceptually well-founded piracy of images, taken from a wide range of sources. Her art is its own kind of symbiosis, a synthesis and a blend of classical traditions and modernity. This quality makes her tapestries extremely relevant today. 

Her artistic position is not that of a creator, but of a creative recipient. Through a selective use of imagery, the artist reproduces a cultural or political statement. 'Borrowing' as a cultural and artistic act dates back to the twentieth century with the emergence of collages and montages. In Margret's works, this takes on a critical and political stance.

In her tapestries, the artist adheres to the predominant pillars of tapestry manufacture. Preserving the frame of the central composition, created according to the historical and traditional functional symbols and semantics, Eicher introduces hints of modernity in a canonized form (with stencil).  

Margret Eicher's media-tapestries are high-tech industrial products and inexpensive handiwork. In Flanders, the birthplace of court tapestries, the textile industry is very active manufacturing copies of old images to sell as souvenirs on the international market. The artist deliberately chooses to replace traditional and expensive tapestries because this falsification of traditions is an example of amusements typical of our time, based on the collective use of intellectual property.

Selected exhibitions


Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (Austria)

Kunsthalle, Hamburger Platz, Berlin (Germany)


COMBINATIONS: REFLECTING ON SILENCE, CACTicino, Bellinzona (Switzerland)  

Margret Eicher, Fabrizio Sacchetti, Christian Zucconi, 'ONCE UPON A TIME IN MASS MEDIA', Angermuseum, Erfurt (Germany)

NEUER ADEL, P103 Mischkonzern, Berlin (Germany)

ONCE UPON A TIME IN MASS MEDIA, Museum of Fine Arts, Kunstmuseum, Ahlen (Germany)

NEW REALITY (with Isabel Kerkermeier and Adi Hoesle), Krapperups Konsthall (Sweden)

NORMALISIERUNG AND OPPULENZ, Gehag Forum, Berlin (Germany)


ONCE UPON A TIME IN MASS MEDIA, Karlsruhe Baden State Museum (Castle and Museum at Neuenbürg Market) (Germany)

ONCE UPON A TIME IN MASS MEDIA, Berlin Charlottenburg Palace Orangery (Germany) 


SEX & CRIME, Heidenheim Kunstmuseum, Heidenheim (Germany)

ePATTERNS, Carolyn Heinz Gallery, Hamburg (Germany)


SCHAU LUST, Kunstverein Altes Dampfbad, Baden-Baden (Germany)

REVOLUTION OF SIGNS, Goethe-Institute, Nancy (France) 

FLYING CARPETS, ARTE Channel Atrium, Strasbourg (France)

DOUBLE VISION (with Johannes Brus), Erarta Museum, Saint-Peterbourg, Russia


WRONG TRACK (with Sabine Dehnel and Christian Hagemann), Castle Agatthenburg, Stade (Germany)


THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, Bernhard Knaus Fine Art, Frankfurt (Germany)

ONCE UPON A TIME IN MASS MEDIA, Galerie Caesar & Koba, Hamburg (Germany)

IRONIC ICONS, Arteversum, Düsseldorf (Germany)


SHE, DAM Gallery, Berlin (Germany)


THE EMBARKATION FOR CYTHERA, Filipp Rosbach Gallery, Leipzig (Germany)

FUN IS A STEEL BATH, Galerie Caesar & Koba, Hamburg (Germany)

RADICALLY CONSTRUCTIVE, Mannheim Kunstverein, Mannheim (Germany)

RADICALLY CONSTRUCTIVE, Museum Liner, Appenzell (Switzerland)


NOTHING IS REAL, DAM Gallery, Berlin (Germany)

NOTHING IS REAL, City Gallery, Saarbrücken (Germany)

RADICALLY CONSTRUCTIVE (with Florian Merkel), Bernard Knaus Fine Art, Frankfurt (Germany)


R:E:M: RAPID EYE MOVEMENT, Art Forum, Rottweil (Germany)

R:E:M: RAPID EYE MOVEMENT, Kunstverein, Wolfenbüttel (Germany)


DAYDREAM & NIGHTMARE, Ludwig Forum for International Art, Aachen (Germany)





ARTISTS FOR TICHY, Tichy Foundation, Prague (Czech Republic)

MORAL, Rohkunstbau XIX, Berlin/Roskow (Germany)

ORNAMENTAL STRUCTURES, Flottmann-Hallen, Galerie Herne, Herne (Germany) 


WORK WORK WORK, Museum Liner, Appenzell (Switzerland)      

Sport in Art, MOCAK, Krakow (Poland)

'ORNAMENTAL STRUCTURES', Kunstverein in Reuchlinhaus, Pforzheim (Germany)


ELECTIVE AFFINITIES, City Gallery S4, Mannheim (Germany)

CONTINERE, Museum of Fine Arts, Tournai (Belgium)              

ORNAMENTAL STRUCTURES, City Gallery, Saarbrücken (Germany)


PERIPHER PHOTOGRAPHISCH, Eugen Lendl Gallery, Graz (Austria)

PERIPHER PHOTOGRAPHISCH, Fotoforum West, Innsbruck (Austria)

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