Mir Nadir Zeynalov

B. 1942, Baku

Lives and Works in Baku

Mirnadir Zeynalov graduated from the Azimzadeh State Art College in Baku in 1963 and ten years later he graduated from graphic art faculty of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts (formerly the Moscow Polygraphic Institute). In 1989 he received the bronze medal at the Biennale of the Caspian Republics for his work Spring Garden. In 1992 he was awarded the title of Honoured Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic. As well as a painter, Zeynalov is a poet and musician, a fact which greatly influences his art. Member of the professional Union of artists of Russia since 2011.

People’s Artist (since 2006) of Azerbaijan Mirnadir Zeynalov is a recognized master of painting and drawing, as well as collage. Abstraction is his favourite artistic style. He always delights audiences with stunning combinations of colours and paints, that convey a sacred meaning,because colour in his work is the form, the means, and the language.Spirituality is the main theme of Zeynalov’s canvases. His great experience – he has travelled to such diverse corners of the planet as Kamchatka, Sakhalin, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Italy and Malta – enables him to express the entire globe in a single piece. For the artist, whose works clearly reflect motifs of ancient Egypt, India and the Far East, these journeys must have been necessary pilgrimages. It is very easy to meditate before his canvases. But from time to time one senses that the paintings themselves are meditating before you. In any case, there is a sense of interaction. Their colour sometimes screams, sometimes whispers, sometimes sings. (It is worth noting that this artist also writes poetry and music.) The symbolism in the works of Zeynalov is multifaceted, and, to invent a word, polyconfessional – with its lilies, fish, wheels, and much more. All these are traditional religious symbols interpreted in various manners by different faiths, as is the palm tree, an image he particularly loves – a tree sacred to Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians and Muslims. But he also utilizes very transparent, secular, mundane symbols. Thus, in his Dedication to Karaev, among other objects one finds a guitar silhouette. Zeynalov actively utilizes elements of collage in his works – cardboard, cloth, and even fragments from his stencils. Among such works are Middle and Consent and Fishing Tackle, where inclusion of three-dimensional objects (pieces of stone, bottles and rope) exaggerate and enrich his message.

Mir Nadir Zeynalov is a man of extraordinary versatile talents, whose poetic attitude in word, color, and music is metaphorical. His world vision is not limited to sensual, visual perception. Starting from inescapable reality, the artist reveals the deep essence of phenomena, their incomprehensible inner life. Zeynalov's creative world is syncretic. From painting to music, from music to poetry — it flows, reincarnates, pushing the boundaries of creative possibilities for self-expression. Each new creation serves as a complement to the other. Reading his poems, you see and understand the pictures in them; listening to musical meditations, you are immersed in the painter's finely organized world. However, full immersion in this world is beyond anyone's power. Most likely, it is possible to feel a connection with it. Zeynalov's world is a constant stream of love, passion, and lust for life. Inexhaustible love revives the spirit, transmits movement to the body, and gives inspired energy, creating pictures, poems, music, and its special reality, filled with spirituality and a depth of understanding the meaning of life. The artist says, “Art is like a prayer: when you work, you create a prayer.” His transitions from figurative to non-objectivity and back are like a pendulum, determining the measure of all that is living and beautiful, like tides and ebbs, obeying the lunar cycle. While working, he, like a shaman, plunges into a state of meditation, not controlling the brush stroke, the direction of the colorful drops or splashes. The process itself is beautiful. The soul rises to heaven and you are moved by an unknown force. At some point, this force releases, and the artist departs from the canvas. “I am a happy man. God rewarded me with talent, opened the communication channel with the cosmos, with God. Many people are deprived of it.” 



75th Anniversary, solo exhibition, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan


Solo exhibition, Museum of contemporary Art, Baku, Azerbaijan


Personal exhibition, Russian cultural Center, Baku, Azerbaijan 


65th Anniversary, solo exhibition, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan 


Personal exhibition in the halls of the Space TV


60th anniversary, solo exhibition, Art Gallery named after S. Bahlulzada, Baku, Azerbaijan


Personal exhibition, State Museum of Azerbaijani Arts. R. Mustafayev, Baku, Azerbaijan


Solo exhibition, Central House Of Artists, Moscow, Russia 

Solo exhibition, Museum of Arts. N. Radishchev, Saratov, Russia


Solo exhibition, “India”, Friendship Society, Moscow, Russia


Solo exhibition, “India”, Friendship Society, Baku


Solo exhibition, exhibition hall named after V. Samedova, the Union of artists of Azerbaijan, Baku



“Constellation of The Absheron Peninsula. Azerbaijani artists 1960-1980”, the State Tretyakov gallery on Krymsky Val, Moscow, Russia 

“The Magical world of flowers in Azerbaijan”, National Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria


“The Light of beauty”, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan 


9th international festival of the arts, Art Gallery Museum, Antalya, Turkey 


Exhibition of members of the Academy of Arts of the World, Museum of Contemporary art, House of Arts, Shuvelan, Azerbaijan 


“Nuda Veritas”, the Museum of Modern art, Baku, Azerbaijan 

"New Era", exhibition of the members of the Academy of Arts of the World, the Museum of Modern art, Baku, Azerbaijan

“At the crossroads 2: Contemporary Art from Istanbul to Kabul", Sotheby, London, UK 


“Constellation Pisces”, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

“At the crossroads: Contemporary Art from the Caucasus to Central Asia”, Sotheby, London, UK 

2012 – 2013 

"Fly to Baku: Contemporary Art of Azerbaijan. Traveling exhibition": Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan; Museum of fine Arts, Vienna, Austria; Museum of Contemporary Art of the 21st century, Rome, Italy; Museum of the "Media-art", Moscow, Russia; "ME collectors room" in Berlin, Berlin, Germany; Hotel "Solomon de Rothschild", Paris, France; Gallery "the Philip de Pury & Co", London, UK 


Cultural heritage from the past to the future, the Baku Creative Center, Baku, Azerbaijan 

"Pomegranates in art", 1st place of the competition AZNAR, gallery im. V. Samedova, The Union Of Artists Of Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan

Benetton: projectAzerbaijan: ThecolorsOfWindandFire, ImagoMundi: TheArtofHumanity– Treviso, Italy


Exhibition the 6th Azerbaijan artists, member of the world Academy of Artists, exhibition hall named after V. Samedova, Baku, Azerbaijan

II international arts Festival, Gabala, Azerbaijan

Stages in the History of Art“Milestones in the history of art”, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan

"Azerbaijan – land of fire" exhibition in the framework of the days of Azerbaijani culture, the Hotel Eğvö, Paris, France


"Art of Azerbaijan at the turn of the century", State Museum of Arts. R. Mustafayev, Baku, Azerbaijan


“Black and White”, Museum Center, Baku, Azerbaijan


“Steps of Time”, exhibition in the framework of the days of Azerbaijani culture in Germany, National State Gallery, Dresden, Germany


Exhibition of Azerbaijani artists, Los Angeles, USA

International exhibition. Berlin, Germany


Exhibition of Azerbaijani artists, Houston, USA


"Biennale Of Transcaucasia", Tbilisi, Georgia

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