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Blue Background

Group Exhibition: Vusal Rahim & Ramal Kazimov

7 August > 2 September 2014

In Summer holidays, YAY Gallery presents Blue Background exhibition by Vusal Rahim and Ramal Kazimov from 7 August to 2 September 2014. 

Ramal Kazimov and Vusal Rahim are guided by ideological content, eagerness to revise the past and clear fancy for form. As far as Azerbaijani contemporary art is concerned, both artists adhere to the idea of innovative and independent development route.

Vusal Rahim is a an outstanding representative of contemporary Azerbaijani art. The artist tries to give a deeper meaning to every work he does and remains true to life in his own way (giving us an insight into real life as he sees it).

The artist draws his inspiration from the archetypical images that always remain central to his work. This is true for the paintings from the eccentric “Shaman” (Rainmaker) series featured in this exhibition. The main purpose of this series was to translate a generalized picture of reality into individual characters.

Rahim’s work can easily be identified by the glorious splashes of color, chromatic layering (juxtaposition of color) and strong visible brushstrokes that are peculiar for his highly expressive style.

Despite of the static compositional set up, what we see are peculiar angles and curves, distinctive coloring and personal approach to every theme that define inner dynamics of his paintings.

Just like every work of art is believed in a way to be a self-portrait of the author, Vusal Rahim’s Death, Love and anguish, Vivid Reflection tondo paintings are the outcome of a very intense and deep-felt experiences.  Vusal’s abstract paintings touch upon a wide range of subjects and can be described as quiet dark and ambivalent in terms of artistic discourse. 

A young artist Ramal Kazimov seeks to create an artistic dialogue that lays equal stress  on color palette and shape. His powerful painting has not been tarnished by life hardships, and the artist brings attention firmly on his favorite themes.

Paintings featured in this exhibition include Blue background, FisherGold fish and Goalkeeper that are illustrative of the artist’s work in general. 

Ramal’s work is characterized by an avant-garde extravagance and penchant towards exaggeration. The artist likes to use a low-angle to depict full-size human figures. A strong feeling of pain felt by the characters on these paintings remains highly perceptible. 

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