Niyaz Nadjafov

Solo exhibition: Fourchette

Because I can't stand the idea of fourchette and I love it at the same time; because I hate it when people eat and I also hate it when people are hungry. Eating is a very intimate thing. That is why I don't like eating in restaurants. Or at fourchettes.
In prison I had a friend who had fake teeth. He was in solitary confinment and so was I. There was a comission looking at the conditions in the prison. They asked this guy if he was keeping good hygiene and he took out his teeth and showed them. They ran away. Teeth are a part of our body that connects us both with carnivores (meat eaters) and with herbivores (plant eating animals). Teeth are what we eat with and since man does everything to eat, they are one of the most important and life sustaining body parts. 

What is the relationship of these paintings with your previous work?
This is a topic I wrestled with a few times in the past, but never to this extent. 
I wanted the viewer to feel what I felt while I was painting. At the same time each opinion I hear about my paintings affects the way I see them afterwards, so it goes both ways I guess. 
Painting is a necessity for me, a real necessity, like living and breathing. 

And the installation in this show?
Black for me is a color. If you make a black dot on white, you get depth. If you surround white with black, you get a sense of volume. The light in the installation room is very important. Black attracts light and white reflects it. 
Humans are animals guided by instincts, by hunger. You can survive without anything but food and water. Fourchette is, in a way, a relic of the ancient past when people gathered to eat together. Eating has remained the ritual center of all gatherings until this day.

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Azerbaijan, AZ 1000

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Opening hours

12:00 — 20:00 (except Monday)