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Structure. Function. Change.

YAY Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the "Structure. Function. Change" group exhibition: Huseyn Huseynzade, Asiyat Fatullayeva, Elnur Babayev, Ilkin Huseynov, Emil Khalilov,  Sevinj Aslanova, Fakhriyya Mammadova, Orkhan Aslanov, Nana Rahimova, Sergey Khrustalyov, Natavan Vahabova, Javidan Akhundov.

Curators: Asiyat Fatullayeva, Lana Sokolova, Anna Fech.

Exhibition organized by YAY Gallery in partnership with ArtFaktor.

The exhibition features works by Azerbaijani photographers exploring their specific surroundings as multi-layered dynamic systems. The camera lens aims to understand subjects of interest trough metrics such as structure, function and change. Structure defines the spatial relationship among the elements, function the interaction among the features and change the alteration in structure and function. These metrics, which pretend to capture the environment in a seemingly objective way, can also be applied on the content level discovering paradoxical moments lying within.

On the first floor the photography series of Huseyn Huseynzade documents the soviet past in which people had to function in the centralized system. We see humans as a structure, as a wheel that keeps the whole mechanism running. Likewise, Asiyat Fatullayeva includes her humans like anonymous puzzles into her compositions, which, while indefinite, nevertheless hold together the whole edifice. But what happens when the system, the structure collapses? Ilkin Huseynov analyses in his series "Shared Waters" the conflicts that arose from divided waterways and unclear demarcations after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Failed Intentions is the set called by Javidan Akhundov and comments on the technical errors and dysfunctions (overexposure, film tear), which make the motif unrecognizable. The moment of change also became the fate of the working-class family, whose modest living circumstances Natavan Vahabova documented in her series, as their aristocratic ancestors were expropriated by the Soviet regime.

On the second floor selected works by Emil Khalilov, Sevinj Aslanova, Fakhriyya Mammadova, Elnur Babayev, Nana Rahimova, Huseyn Huseynzade, Orkhan Aslanov and Sergey Khrustalyov explore subtle harmony of surfaces, structures and relations as well. However, in contrast to the ground floor, the imagery does not seem to be taken from everyday life and do not describe concrete situations anymore. The photographs show enigmatic abstract scenes that stage the ephemeral, the dreamy and the romantic. They put us in landscapes of memory, projections, introspection, which leave room for our own imagination and seem to be far from the harsh reality and remind us how everything and everyone are subject to the course and change of time, as well as the subjective perception.

Opening: 18 October, 2018

Time: 7 pm

Entrance by invitations only

Duration of the exhibition: 19 October > 30 November, 2018

Opening hours: 12:00 > 20:00 (except Monday)

Free Admission

Address: Icheri Sheher, 5, Kichik Gala str.

T: +994 12 505 2323



Huseyn Huseynzade (b. 1935) is one of the most significant faces in Azerbaijani photography. His early documentary works were published in important local newspapers. Range of his visual material is very rich – portraits, landscapes, lifestyle, photographs dedicated to the labor of Soviet workers demonstrate exceptional interest and love to his motherland. His shoots taken with the tradition of best classic photography manifest professional Azeri photo school. 

Asiyat Fatullayeva (b. 1969) one of the most serious female figures in Azerbaijan photography history. Her works deliver different moods, talk about individuality, heritage, history and lifestyle. Working in genres of portrait, landscape, documentary and commercial photography, she keeps the line of personal perspective and sensibility. 

Elnur Babayev’s (b. 1962) biggest and most significant contribution to the development of local art became photo series of Karabagh refugees. By capturing sensitive moments, he talks about the most essential topics. 

Ilkin Huseynov (b. 1988) is a documentary photographer predominantly interested in capturing the residue of Soviet rule and its widely unaddressed traumas, as well as social issues of modern Azerbaijan. Huseynov’s photographs links to the memory and impressions of the past in a critical way. He was a finalist of London Photography Festival and a second place winner at the Power House Books competition. 

Emil Khalilov (b. 1977) is a winner of number of contests locally and internationally. He works dominantly in documental and editorial photography. His areas of interests are nature, traditions, lifestyle, architecture and people. 

Sevinj Aslanova (b. 1977) is a participant of local and international exhibitions and workshops. She was a member of “Daire” photographers group (2003-2005). Her works mainly identify local character and highlight invisible beauty of subjects. Sevinj works in the field of documental, landscape and portrait photography. 

Fakhriyya Mammadova (b. 1974) represented Azerbaijan on Venice Biennial in 2013 (Azerbaijan Pavilion, Ornamentation exhibition). Her practice combines visual aesthetics and content, which gives reference to traditions and identity, captures daily life moments and demonstrates deep inner feelings.  

Orkhan Aslanov (b. 1985) founder of school of photography. He works in genres of fashion and nude photography, as well as he is famous with his photohraphs dedicated to the landscapes of Azerbaijan. Aslanov highlights beauty by selecting the most exciting moments.

Natavan Vahabova (b. 1978) is a representative of Azerbaijan photographers’ young generation. Her art is a visual- narrative form of human being. The main subject of her photography is a human and his lifestyle. By highlighting environment, she tells different stories. 

Nana Rahimova (b. 1983) dominantly works with black and white photography contrasting the play of light and shadow. The main subject of her works is feelings and emotions, which refer to the memory.

Sergey Khrustalev (b. 1973) as a photographer he captures social issues throughout city life views, portraits and inhabitant objects. The soft line of content subtext gives an overview of the artist’s position.

Javidan Akhundov (b. 1989) is an artist who uses photography to seek connection between relative and abstract. He challenges viewers understanding of photography and socially accepted clarity in photographs.

5 Kichik Qala Street, Icheri Sheher Baku

Azerbaijan, AZ 1000

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Opening hours

12:00 — 20:00 (except Monday)