Vusal Rahim

Solo Exhibition: Black Woman

YAY Gallery Presents the first solo paintings and sculptures exhibition of Vusal Rahim, an emerging artist of Azerbaijan will open on 14 June, 2013

“Black Woman” exhibition constitutes a unique canticle to a female, a mother, an inamorata. It is a long time Vusal Rahim had a clear interest in exploring dual nature and immensity of womanhood. The female personages Vusal Rahim created are earthling, real and housekeeping-concerned women; however, the author also depicts lofty ideal-driven female creatures that overlook the globe while being high and mighty. His personages represent evanescence and stand in need for protection, yet are in the best position to defend their nearest and dearest. Sensuality and spirituality of the personages are mystically merged, so Our Time artists and poets like their antecessors draw inspiration from this mystery.

Vusal Rahim’s interpretation of female personages strongly revives ancient totem images, figurines of pagan fertility goddesses or Junoesque full of life and sexual energy boost.

He called me “Black Women”. It is his own perception, however. You can observe me from different standpoints and perspectives. You even can name me in a different manner. Some people might strongly disagree with “Black Women” nickname he called me with.

I am a woman and represent  females. I reflect orderliness in all dimensions of chaotic coloring. First and foremost, I’m a reflection of generation and germination and being in a womb.  You fix your gaze at me and probably behold a nudity. Not at all, you are undecided because of profound reflection and quest for  core meaning. Or perhaps you can see an idol of rejection and esteem in me. Probably it is not a female image you got used to see. You even can call it deformed yet deformity is just the opposite side of beauty like black is the opposite side of white. It is a powerful and powerless image at the same time. It is incapable to help itself. Maybe that was the reason of absence of hands. Do we really stand in need for hands incapable to assist the master and the folk? However, the artwork possesses legs, hence, once the legs will set the artwork on its feet and give it a start in life. They might move it forward or backward.

Why black color? Because black is a symbol of wisdom. Let’s assume we can endow the color with plethora of meaning. Inside me, the black color confronts other colors of the spectrum. As if they asked me whether I should be attached to the chairs or ascend the throne. Sometimes all elements disappear. Deeply inside I convert to a home appliance  and experience the same feelings every day, every minute. It is my routine day no matter for whose sake, be it for the sake of my family, my children, my beloved ones or even for the sake of my acquaintances and strangers. This is my life and the life of a mere person. We are different yet an image of a woman, a mother or a daughter might penetrate into your very own life.

Vusal Rahim, a graduate from Azerbaijan State Art Academy, was born in the city of Ganja in 1987. He has been involved in projects by YARAT Contemporary Art Space for more than a year and has been cooperating with some Baku-based theatres as theatre designer.  Azerbaijan State Drama Theatre and Theatre of Musical Comedy successfully host plays designed by Vusal Rahim.

5 Kichik Qala Street, Icheri Sheher Baku

Azerbaijan, AZ 1000

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12:00 — 20:00 (except Monday)