25 Jul 14

Lecture by young artists Aniol Macau and Francesc Ruiz Abad

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is pleased to inform you that, two young artists from Barcelona: Aniol Macau and Francesc Ruiz Abad will hold a lecture which is called “Hiding Maps” in YAY Gallery on July 25th. “Hiding maps” will be a lecture about hitchhiking and alternative ways of traveling as a way to create experiences and reflexions about our society.

Aniol Macau and Francesc Ruiz Abad are doing a six months project/travel by hitchhiking. During this derive they will abandon control and join drivers wherever they are going. The journey will have no clear destination and during the trip they will produce a substantial analog archive made by interviews, audio landscapes, drawings, documentary photography and small sculptures.

One of the stops during their trip will be Baku, where the two artist will come to Yay gallery and will tell us about hitchhiking, his old projects and how traveling had influenced their work.  

25 July 2014

Time: 19:00

YAY Gallery

Address: Kichik Gala str., 5 (Icheri Sheher, near Italian Embassy).

Free entrance.

Translation to Azerbaijani and Russian will be offered.

5 Kichik Qala Street, Icheri Sheher Baku

Azerbaijan, AZ 1000

+99412 505 23 23

E-mail info@yaygallery.com

Opening hours

12:00 — 20:00 (except Monday)